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We are Christine and Paul Hanson, Certified Health Coaches. We came to the
realization several years ago that we needed to focus more on our health. We
both had some health concerns due to being overweight and over stressed. The
life saver was what we now teach to others. We lost the weight and not only did
the fat melt away, but so did the stress and the worry associated with our
previous unhealthy lifestyle. We had been on medications for cholesterol, sleep
aids and painkillers. The change was so profound that we decided to tell others
and pay it forward. Today, we are able to live a very active lifestyle and feel years
younger. Our goal and our passion is to reach as many people as we can to help
them through the same struggles that we once faced. We became educated
through this process and found it so simple, that the only obvious choice was to
help those around us achieve the same results. Now, after helping nearly 1,000
clients, we are more energized than ever and look to help anyone who seeks
greater personal health.

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